120/Life specializes in developing natural, scientifically-backed beverages designed to support healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular wellness. Our products serve as non-medicinal alternatives for health management, making them ideal for government initiatives focused on improving the well-being of employees and military personnel.

Core Competencies

  • Development of natural, scientifically-supported health beverages.
  • Expertise in cardiovascular health improvement.
  • Production in FDA-compliant facilities.
  • Sourcing of high-quality, organic ingredients.
  • Scalable distribution capabilities across the U.S.


120/Life distinguishes itself through a unique blend of natural ingredients, each clinically proven to support blood pressure management. Unlike many competitors, our formulation is based on rigorous scientific research and is specifically designed to meet the health needs of those struggling with hypertension. Our commitment extends beyond products to encompass comprehensive health education and community support, ensuring our customers understand and achieve the best results for their health.

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